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How often should I wash my malaikashair extensions?

As often as you feel needed.

What is the length of malaikashair extensions?

10, 12 16, 18, 20, 22, 24, 26 28 30, 32, 34, 36 to 40 inches and longer by request.

What is the quality of malaikashair extensions?

The highest grade available

How to choose the right shade of hair extensions?

Look at color chart. If you need any help contact customer service.

How are malaikashair extensions different?

Malaikashair extensions provides quality long lasting 100% human hair.

Do malaikashair extensions have a return policy or exchange policy?

Return in original condition.

​​How do I make an Exchange/Return?

Contact customer service email at to confirm exchange.

How long does shipping usually take?

3 to 5 business days.

How may I contact you?

917 514 3025

Q. What is a weft?
A. A weft is a curtain of hair sewn at the top by machine or hand-tied at the top to produce a curtain of hair. This can be used to sew in, clip in or glue in.
Q. What is (-10)?
A.(-10) Subtract number from sell price. It can be any number.
Q. What is (+10)?
A. Add number to sale price. It can be any number.
Q. What is blk, blnd, brn?
A. Blk is an abbreviation for the color black, blnd for blond, brn for brown.
Q. What is bulk hair extensions?
A. It is hair that without a weft. It is not sewn at the top. Bulk is used for braiding or other strand by strand procedures.
Q. How long will hair last?
A. Our virgin hair extensions and wigs will last up to a year.
Q. How many pieces do I need for full head?
A. 1 to 2 orders for full hair weave. The longer the hair the more you will need.
Q. I ordered wrong product can I exchange?
A. Yes you can exchange if item is in original condition.
Q. Can I ship to another address?
A. No Shipping to alternative address. All items must be shipped to owner of credit card billing address to protect you against fraud and unauthorized use.
Q. Do you ship international?
A. Yes we ship all over the world.
Q. Do you ship overnight?
A. Yes if in stock.

Maintenance: Caring for your European Remi Cuticle Virgin Human Hair Extensions is very important to keep them looking beautiful and healthy. Do not over process European Remi Cuticle Virgin Human Hair Extensions. Do not use extra high heat as that can dry and damage the hair. Excessive heat can make your hair weave dry and cause split ends. Hair rollers are great way to curl hair weave. Dry hair extension thoroughly with a blow dryer on low heat before going to bed and wrap with a 100% silk scarf. Do not sleep with wet hair extensions. A 100% silk pillow case is good to sleep on and will keep the hair extension neat.Clip on Hair Extension Directions: Do not remove clip-on hair extension to brush. Gently hold and brush from the ends to top of the weft. You can leave the clip-on hair extension in your hair when brushing. Do not pull and apply stress to your hair. Wear a swimming cap to prevent damage when swimming and do not sleep on wet hair. Wash rinse and condition if chlorine gets onto the hair extension. Use a good quality leave in conditioner or light styling products. To avoid heavy build up on scalp and hair and extension only apply very small amount of styling products. Use a soft hair brush at the ends and gently work your way up to the top. Make sure you brush the back of your hair weaving and slowly move upward and brush the near tracks of your hair weaving by the roots. If you have I tip hair extensions. Be careful not to pull on them too hard. I tip hair extensions can last a long time and provide a natural look and blends well with your own hair.Adding hair additions is a good way to achieve long hair without waiting a long time for it to



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