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Natural European Remi Cuticle Human Hair

Welcome to We specialize in providing high quality 100% human hair extensions for weaving, clip in, braiding, wigs or strand by strand application. Many natural colors and lengths are available to choose from. Malaikashair supplies pre-bonded I tips, U tips, keratin glue sticks and other hair extension tools. How to Care for European Remi Cuticle Human Hair Extensions: It is ready to apply from package. You can check the desired curls or wave pattern of European remi cuticle 100% Human Hair Extensions by gently wetting a small portion. This is done to confirm the curl or wave texture. Comb straight hair extension to review texture. A few pieces of straight bundles will have a very slight wave when wet or dry.
Washing: Gently saturate European Remi Cuticle Human Hair Extensions with conditioning shampoo and swish around in warm water in a basin. Rinse the hair extensions well with cool water. This will help seal the cuticle and provide natural shine. Apply deep conditioner to the cuticle hair wefts and leave on for a few minutes. Rinse the wefts with cool water. When washing European Remi Cuticle Virgin Human Hair Extensions bulk hair. Do not disturb the band on the top of the bulk hair. Be extra careful. Lie flat to dry. When the hair is dry carefully remove the band and start to apply the extension.
grow. You may need 4, 8 or 12 ounces of hair extension to achieve a full look. Determine how much hair you need to complete a full hair weave: Each bundle of hair is 4 ounces or a ¼ of a pound. It can also depend on the type hairstyle and the length. The longer the hair the more you will need. Do you want very full hair weave or just want to add a little? 6-8 ounces of hair extension is good for very long hairstyles like 26 inches and up to 42 inches. Remember the longer the hair the more you may need to achieve the fullness you are looking for. For very short hairstyles use 4 ounces or less. 6 to 10 inches requires less hair to achieve a certain look. Curly, kinky curly, and kinky afro, has more texture, lots of volume and require less hair. Straight textures may need more hair. Cuticle hair is great choice. This type of hair has cuticles along the hair strand which protect the hair from the elements and provide amazing beauty and luster. Cuticle hair maintains its texture longer and vitality. It shines well without extra added conditioners. Cuticle hair is collected as ponytails and cut from one person generally. This hair is good for making wigs because it looks real on a client. When washed it doesn’t swell or mat. It maintains its vitality wash after wash. Colors are natural black hair, platinum blonde. Textures are straight, wavy, deep wavy, curly, kinky curly. Your stylist can color, highlight and style your extension for you. This hair looks real and feels real.  There is nothing like beautiful soft real hair. Once you start using very good quality you will not want to use anything else. You will want to protect your investment by taking good care of your hair extensions and using good quality hair products. Natural European Remi Cuticle Human Hair is expensive because it lasts a long time and is better quality than other types of hair.

Maintenance: Caring for your European Remi Cuticle Virgin Human Hair Extensions is very important to keep them looking beautiful and healthy. Do not over process European Remi Cuticle Virgin Human Hair Extensions. Do not use extra high heat as that can dry and damage the hair. Excessive heat can make your hair weave dry and cause split ends. Hair rollers are great way to curl hair weave. Dry hair extension thoroughly with a blow dryer on low heat before going to bed and wrap with a 100% silk scarf. Do not sleep with wet hair extensions. A 100% silk pillow case is good to sleep on and will keep the hair extension neat.Clip on Hair Extension Directions: Do not remove clip-on hair extension to brush. Gently hold and brush from the ends to top of the weft. You can leave the clip-on hair extension in your hair when brushing. Do not pull and apply stress to your hair. Wear a swimming cap to prevent damage when swimming and do not sleep on wet hair. Wash rinse and condition if chlorine gets onto the hair extension. Use a good quality leave in conditioner or light styling products. To avoid heavy build up on scalp and hair and extension only apply very small amount of styling products. Use a soft hair brush at the ends and gently work your way up to the top. Make sure you brush the back of your hair weaving and slowly move upward and brush the near tracks of your hair weaving by the roots. If you have I tip hair extensions. Be careful not to pull on them too hard. I tip hair extensions can last a long time and provide a natural look and blends well with your own hair.Adding hair additions is a good way to achieve long hair without waiting a long time for it to


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Before & After

Look at the before and after pictures. You can change your look in a instant with clip on or weave. Look amazing instantly for any special occasion or everyday beauty.

How to Apply Seamless Hair Extensions: It is easy to apply seamless hair extensions that look flat and provides no lumps or bumps. First make sure your hair texture closely matches and blends with the hair extension weft. You can do this yourself or have your hair stylist install. To get started you will need a comb, scissors, clips to hold hair back, hair weaving bond, hair weaving bond remover, full length mirror, hand held mirror. Start from the back of the head and part the client’s hair from ear to ear with comb. Make sure part is clean and even. Use hair clips to hold the top portion of hair. Measure hair extension weft to make sure it will fit onto the part. Cut the extension weft to the desired width. Apply hair weaving glue bond directly to the weft. Apply the weft to the part on clients head. Press with your fingers along the weft to make sure it is firmly positioned. Part the client’s hair again leaving her hair to cover the weft. Measure extension and apply hair weave bond to weft and place onto part. Press firmly. Cover with client’s hair and style. This is quick and easy to apply. It is also temporary and will last 2 weeks. This application will give you two wefts. Some clients might need 3 or four wefts depending on the style and how thick they want their hair extension. When it is time to redo gently remove with Q-tip dipped in hair weaving bond remover and apply to part with weft. Allow the remover to saturate and loosen up bond. Gently remove. Wash hair.


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