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Keratin glue adhesive sticks. 12 keratin glue sticks for hair extension application. Keratin glue sticks blonde black brown. Pre-tip hair extension with keratin adhesive glue sticks.
12 glue sticks per pack low heat resistant. Fusion requires keratin glue
adhesive sticks to melt at very high heat. Insert into glue gun and allow to heat. The tip of glue will be very hot. You can use when applying fusion for strand by strand 100% human hair extensions. Blonde keratin glue sticks are best for pale blonde, dark blonde or light golden brown hair. Clear keratin glue sticks are good to use for red hair or custom colors. You can buy brown keratin glue sticks, dark brown  glue sticks, black keratin glue sticks, and blonde glue sticks available. Melt sticks with high heat wattage glue gun hair tool. Use to pretip or prebond hair extension.

How to make I tip hair extensions with bulk hair:
Select the bulk hair extension you want to use to make I tips and weigh it on a scale. Use the correct amount to ensure even distribution of bulk hair extension. It should make 100 strands. Four ounces should complete a full head.  If client wants thicker hair select 8 ounces this will make 200 strands. Wash and dry the hair. If you want to color or perm hair make sure it is completed and dry before you apply the keratin glue. If hair is not dry the keratin will not hold properly. If hair is on a weft place rubber band around like a ponytail and trim off weft. You will need a glue gun at high wattage to melt keratin glue sticks. Take 40 strands or more and apply keratin to tip of hair. Allow glue to dry. If you are using a hot pot tool, cut up keratin glue sticks into pot or add keratin glue grains. Allow keratin to melt than dip 40 or more strands into pot. Only dip in the top. Once dry trim off excess with sharp scissors.


Keratin Glue Adhesive Sticks For Hair Extension

$30.00 Regular Price
$25.00Sale Price
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